Our business includes general insurance and life insurance,
and the business scope covers Vietnam,
Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries...

Appointed Actuary

Actuarial reports for life and general insurance in
accordance with local regulations.


Actuarial evaluation methodologies

Establishment of actuarial models

Valuation and business planning process under IFRS 17

Customized and automated procedure for experience analysis and assumption setting

Actuarial and financial analysis under IFRS 17

Product Development

Signing-off on life insurance products

Product survey, design, pricing, filing documents,
etc. for both life and general insurance companies

After-sale profit review


Investment strategies

Asset mix and allocation

Design of a solvency system

Implementation of Insurance Capital Standard (ICS) and Economic Capital (EC)

Strategies of reinsurance


Due diligence for M&A of insurance companies

Market research and survey

Financial planning for startup insurance companies

Actuarial Education & Cooperation

Fostering cooperation among universities from various regions

Cooperation among government, academia, and industry

Transnational cooperation


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